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January 14, 2020adminServices


Serendipity: A search for lineaments finds impact craters?

May 25, 2017adminFeatured

In exploration for oil and gas, potential fields provide a costeffective
way to explore large areas. Euler deconvolution is an
established algorithm to extract features from potential fields.
We use an enhancement to the conventional Euler deconvolution
process designed to identify lineaments typically associated with
faults, fractures, etc. In examining these data, it was surprising
to observe circular features, in particular a very large feature in
the Texas Panhandle. Since the observed pattern was suggestive
of an impact site, known impact craters are examined to look for
similar expressions in the gravity field. Gravity measurements are
often used in analyzing impact sites due to changes in geology,
which can be quite varied and complex. The ability of this process
to extract small coherent signals from the data and to operate on
large areas makes it a useful tool in identifying impact sites and
other large circular features such as salt domes, calderas, etc. All
of these types of structures can be of scientific and economic interest.
The examination here is focused on impact structures.

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February 4, 2016adminNews and Events

Upcoming Conferences:

Announcing the New Vice President of Business Development

February 4, 2016adminNews and Events

Announcing the New Vice President of Business Development:
October 20, 2014

lance-moreland-239×300 Lance Moreland

I am pleased to inform you that Lance Moreland has joined Flamingo Seismic Solutions as the Vice President of Business Development. Lance is operating out of our Denver office and will be providing services for the Denver area as well as expanding Flamingo Seismic Solutions operations throughout the United States. Lance will capitalize on his extensive experience in the seismic business to help grow operations and entrench the Flamingo Seismic Solutions brand.

Lance launched his career in the seismic industry in the early 1980’s working for Seismic brokerage and multi-client companies in Houston. Lance transitioned to First Seismic Corporation in 1987 and was consistently ranked as the number one producer in the company for multi-client sales. He was promoted to Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President and was responsible for overseeing all operations across the company including sales, accounting, corporate services and IT.

Lance joined Millennium Seismic Ltd in 1999 and was promoted to President where he built Millennium’s Calgary operations from the ground up. He obtained underwriting for over 1000 square miles of new multi-client seismic surveys while maintaining the current licensing of shelf data. In 2006 Lance joined Polaris Explorer, USA, where he served as Senior Vice President responsible for all US business operations.

Lance joins us from Neos GeoSolutions, where he served as Director of Business Development generating multi-million dollar airborne geophysical projects.

Lance attended Louisiana State University and the University of Houston. He is a member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

“We are excited about the energy and professionalism that Lance brings to Flamingo. His experience will assist us in expanding Flamingo Seismic Solutions’ operations across the U.S.,” stated Steve Davidson, President of Flamingo Seismic Solutions.

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