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Benefits of Potential Fields Euler Deconvolution Processing Include:

  • Gravity and Magnetics can cover a large area at a very low cost.
  • Gravity and Magnetics can identify features which might not be visible on seismic data.
  • Gravity and Magnetics can extend interpretations beyond areas of seismic coverage.
Conventional Euler Deconvolution

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Flamingo’s Unique Enhancement to Conventional Euler Decon
  • Specifically highlights linear features, such as those associated with faulting.
  • Uses methods for extracting small signals from noise, similar to what NASA uses to communicate with deep space probs.

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Example with Production

Oil production along and bounded by lineaments from magnetics and gravity using Flamingo’s EASI method.

  • Magnetics- Magenta
  • Gravity- Green

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Input Data
  • Flamingo has had very effective results working with public domain data from the USGS.
  • Flamingo has also gathered more detailed results working with high resolution proprietary data.

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