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 Specializing in land processing, Flamingo Seismic Solutions began operation January 1, 2000.  Flamingo was founded by a group of geoscientists experienced in AVO analysis, 3D seismic processing and rock properties with Amoco Production Company and PGS Seres.  They shared common goals of bringing their AVO analysis methods to the industry and continuing to live and work in Tulsa, OK.  In 2007, the company was purchased by Steve Davidson.  Since then Flamingo has grown it’s conventional processing capability both in personnel and hardware. Flamingo now has offices in Houston, Denver, Oklahoma City  and Tulsa,  Flamingo has completed several of the largest 3D merges in the industry and continues to impress its clients with their quality of work and wide range of services offered.

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Steve has over thirty five years of experience in oil and gas exploration.  He spent 4 years with Gulf Oil Co. and Texas Oil and Gas.  The last thirty years Steve has worked in the seismic contracting business managing data brokerage, seismic spec surveys and data processing centers.  Most recently Steve purchased Flamingo Seismic Solution, Inc. in 2007.  He is a past president of Geophysical Society of Oklahoma City.  Based in Houston, TX.
Ray worked eighteen years with Amoco Production Company in research and development of 3D processing systems and field QC and field processing systems.  He helped form Flamingo LLC in 2000, working on processing, AVO, Volumetric Curvature and software development.  Based in Tulsa, OK.

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